Tingle Time - Carmex

It has definitely gotten colder over the past few days, and I can already see the increase of how often I go to grab for my Carmex! As the weather cools down our lips will need a little more TLC as they will start to go a bit dry and possible flaky. 

Ever since I was in school I have always carried around a little pot of wonder in my bag. Its been my Savior for the cold days, and protection on the hotter days. Lately Carmex have released so many variations of there's something for every occasion! You'll find one in every corner of my house!

If you're a fan of amazingly smelling lip balms you'll love the new flavoured balms. They smell divine and super moisturising as always. 

For a sheer wash of colour on those no makeup days I always reach for my carmex moisture plus. Leaves my lips feeling soft, hydrated and a little colour. They have a new berry colour which is great for the winter season.

And lets not forget out trusty tins. The classic carmex tins will always be the winner for me. Maybe its because I like the traditional method of applying the product with my fingers. 

All the carmex products retail at under £5 so they're pocket friendly as well as being amazing products. 

You can purchase carmex from: Boots /Superdrug 

Carmex are also having a giveaway on their facebook page so make sure you pop on over there to check it out and win some for yourself and a friend! 


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  1. I love carmex and these new flavours/scents sound amazing! I'm definitely going to be picking up the vanilla and lime ones!
    emmerliejay x

  2. ohh thanks for this post! will definately be purchasing some carmex goodies x


  3. I've never tried the carmex line. I've always been a Smith's Rosebud Salve or Burt's Bees kind of girl. Would you say carmex tops them?



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