Marc Jacobs Dot

This summer has been surprisingly long compared to any previous year I can remember. Well by summer I mean how long the sun has been shining. On these glorious hot days I always feel like wearing something light and fruity when it comes to fragrance, so the Marc Jacobs Dot was a staple for me this year.

The light but fresh(ish) tones had me coming back to it time after time. Im not great at describing fragrances, but the predominant smell was definitely cherries. Its not massively long lasting like the daisy, but the bottle is so nice that its forgiven. I need an excuse to whip it out of my bag and spray it all over me while onlookers gasp at the huge absurdity in my hand.  

I believe the bottle is inspired by a Lady bird, hence all the black 'Dots' on the bottle and the name of the perfume, although the butterflies on the bottle confused me a little, but it still looks amazing nevertheless.

The have bought a new one out recently called 'Honey' which is in the same bottle, but the base colour is yellow, and the dots are white. I haven't quite made up my mind about the honey as of yet. Its has nice sweet honeyish heart notes, but the base notes are quite musky which I hate. Can I get over the initial muskyness of it. I will have to keep sniffing and see.

You can purchase Dot here: Boots / Escentual / Debenhams  


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