Illamasqua Collide Nail Polish

Illamasqua Collide is one those super pink super girly colours that once on your nails makes you feel very feminine. It is more on the neon side, so if that's not you I would steer well clear, but I love the pop of colour so Its one of my firm favorites. 

Above is Collide with one coat on and as you can see it is quite opaque so you could easily get away with only wearing the one coat. But if you're anything like me you have to have at least two coats! 

This is what it looks like with two coats. Its completely opaque and you cannot see the nail line at all. Its super shiny at first, but dries to like a rubber like finish (a la Illamsqua rubber nail polishes). Its long lasting on the nails (I took it offer before it even managed to chip 3 days in). 

You can purchase Illamsqua Nail polishes here: Illamasqua  Retailing at £15 each. 


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous colour:)


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