Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon

The Avon Ultra colour Lip crayon definitely lives up to its name. It delivers immense pigmentation to the lips whilst being moisturising at the same time. 

I find with a lot of the recent lip crayons on the market, they don't always come up on the lips as they are on the bullet, and they are usually much more sheer in application. This however applies a very strong colour, and glides on like butter. 

Although I am in love with the colour, pigmentation and butter like feel of the lip crayon, unfortunately the gritty texture has let it down. When applied to the lips you can feel the fine glitter and it doesn't feel nice. I like my lips feeling buffed and smooth, so I can't get over the gritty texture. If you're someone who wears a lot of glittery lipsticks/glosses on your lips I would definitely check this out.

If any one has any recommendations for anything like this minus the gritty texture I would love to know! 

I couldn't find a direct link to these products, but you can find them here on the Avon website: Link


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  1. shame about the grittyness because its a lovely colour





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