No7 Eye Makeup Remover

It was not that long ago, I was religiously using makeup remover wipes (Not really it was huggies) to remove all of my makeup. It was a quick and easy solution which saved me time and hassle. Only lately have I really discovered what skincare is.

Even when I used my wipes, I would still often wake up with panda eyes, and sore under eyes cause of all the rubbing from the previous night (No sexual innuendo intended)!

I have been trying out different eye makeup removers, but so far, this is the one which has stuck out to me most. 

Left is the No7 eye Makeup remover on a cotton wool from one eye, and right is a different eye makeup remover from the other eye. You can see it removes more of the product from my eyes, leaving me with cleaner eyes, hence no panda eyes in the morning. 
This product retails at £8.50 I believe but No7 always have those vouchers out which you can use to get £5 off, or they've usually got a 3 for 2 offer on. 

You can purchase the No7 Eyemakeup remover Here: Boots 


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  1. I hate face wipes - they never take all your makeup off! You can tell the no7 makeup remover is really good as the cotton pad is really black!


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