Fashionista Magnetic Nail Polish: Green

Nail polishes are pretty Self explanatory. On its own before the magnetism, the nail polish is a metallic green colour, which may suit the taste of some, but I don't really like metallic finishes. The polish is very opaque, so one coat will suffice, but for neat freaks like myself two is a must at least. 

I love that the magnets have an indent which prevents you from touching the actual nail. Its one thing many others lack. Staying power without a top coat is around 2 days chip free, so not that great, but its alright for those who like to change their nail colour every couple days. 

Fashionista is now avaliable to purchase through the MUA website now, and also from superdrug as always. Price at the moment is £3 So grab them at a bargain price while you can. 


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  1. I have this, I use it without the magnetic effect. Beautiful shade x


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