Loccitane Sublime Beauty Cream

Due to the weather being extremely hot, wearing foundation has seemed like a crazy idea. Now for someone who is a crazy foundation lover, it is somewhat difficult for me to leave the house barefaced, so I have found solace in the Loccitane BB cream. 

It provides just enough coverage for me not to look like a zombie, but it doesn't have the thickness and the heavy feel of a foundation as such. 
I have tried a fair few BB creams since they've come out, and I must say this is the best one of the lot so far. Most of them have been quite grey in application, and a lot thicker than I had hoped for. It also has the added bonus of SPF30. Most foundations will only go up to an SPF15, if that at all. 

I find it so very difficult to find a very yellowy based BB cream, as most of the brands I've tried have mostly pinky toned shades. Unfortunately Loccitane, as well as most of the other brands do not cater for such a wide shade range, but luckily for me this Shade works. (Light) 

I will definitely be reaching for this product a lot throughout this summer as it ticks all of my boxes. Light consistency, sufficient coverage, perfect shade and sun protection. The Loccitane BB cream retails at £25, which may seem like a lot to some, but I would rather pay the little extra (I say little because the high street prices are surely catching up) and not have to compromise quality. 

You can purchase the Loccitane BB cream Here: Link


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  1. Sounds good but you have such lovely skin anyway :)


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