Especially Escada

I like to switch up my summer perfumes every couple of weeks, which brings me back to one of my 2011 favourites. Especially escada is a slightly sweet, freshy and musky perfume. Im not usually into the musky types as I find they're slightly too strong, but this Escada perfume gets away with it as the heart notes are slightly more fresh.

I am no expert on fragrances, and I have no idea how to describe them, but I would describe it as a fresh scent with slight musky tones. Sweet enough but not sickly. 

The packaging is so girly and luxury which is why I love it It looks "pretty" (No other word to describe it) Sitting on my shelf among my other perfumes. Gold will always win in my opinion so anything with gold embellishments or accents will attract me like a magpie! 

I know there's a new one out called "Cherry in the air" which I've smelt and smells amazing! Might just have to snap it up! What other perfumes do you recommend for the summer? 


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