Current Skincare Regime

Skincare was never really a concern for me. I had a pack of huggies next to my bed at night, and my holy grail Nivea face cream in the morning and that was me done. 
Lately I've been giving more of a thought to it since I started to get a spot here and there.  

Prior to this I had never bothered taking care of my skin, as I was never really someone who suffered from breakouts, but the excessive use of wipes did not help me to maintain that. I had a read about wipes online and I was shocked to realise that I was putting all the chemicals they contained on my face. I just never thought about it like that before. 

The cleanser I'm using at the moment is the 'Wipe away the years' by crystal clear. Its doesn't do an amazing job, and does leave my face feeling slightly sticky, so I am looking to change that, although it does smell really nice; like orange blossom. The toner on the other hand I am loving. The soft and soothed gentle toner by No7 takes away the stickyness of the cleanser and leaves my skin feeling really clean and refreshed. Its £8 from boots, but they often have the £5 off voucher bringing it down to £3. 

The eye makeup remover I have been using is a Crabtree and Evelyn one, which again I don't really like. It leaves a huge greasy mess on my eyes once in use, and if a little drop enters the eyes it stings a lot. I don't like wasting products so I do try to use everything up before I throw it away, unless I get a reaction to it, Hence why its almost finished. 

I always thought of serums as a bit whack. I though they were really gimmicky and didn't really do much more than a moisturiser, but I was well and proven wrong. I wont speak much about the Elemis fresh skin moisturising serum now, as I plan to do a totally separate blog post for it in all its own glory.  The Supergoop I have spoken about before here and I use that in the mornings, and the Elemis at night. 

And last but not least my Moisturiser  I have been using the Nivea refreshingly soft Moisturising cream for years now and I absolutely love it. It always leaves my face feeling moisturised throughout the whole day, without making my skin greasy or exposing the dry parts later on in the day. The best part about it is, its cheap and cheerful and available everywhere so I don't have to go anywhere specially to repurchase when it has run out. 

Well done to you If you've made it to the end of this super long post.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy No 7 skin care. I bought my bf a hydrating serum and it is working really well for his oily skin in place of a moisturizer.


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