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As a woman of the larger chested species I often find it very difficult to find Lingerie which looks good and feels good. I have a petite body frame so it is extremely difficult to find a small band with large cups. 

Not too long ago Panache Lingerie contacted me in a bid to help me overcome this problem. I have tried and tested their Lingerie and I  must say I am so pleasantly surprised. 

It is often the case that if you do ever manage to track down a bra with large cups and a small band, they aren't likely to be very pleasant to the eye.

Panache Lingerie provide sexy and sophisticated designs to suit the needs of any occasion. They provide great support and uplift. A lot of people assume that if you are blessed with a great set of jugs so to speak, you don't require uplifting bras as you already have a big set? The heaviness does pull them down, so uplifting bras are a great savior.

The comfort of these bras are second to none. I often find at the end of the day when I take it off I have marks on my shoulders where the straps have dug in. These silk finished seamless bras have never left me in any discomfort whatsoever. 

This particular Bra retails at around £45 which is slightly more than what I would usually pay, but after trying these out I realise that you do genuinely pay for comfort. They are well worth the pennies. 

You can find Panache Lingerie Here: Link


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  1. oh thank you so much for sharing this. I also wear a large cup size but small band (32F) and always have difficulties with bras. I shall check this out :)


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