Kiko Lipsticks

If you've read my blog before you will know I am a fan of Kiko! Prior to them opening a store in Westfield I hadn't really ever come across the brand, but since discovering them I am in love. 

One of their products that I absolutely love are their Lipsticks. They are super cheap, (They always have promotions) and amazing quality. Being of an asian skintone I find it very hard to get the perfect nude without looking like I have white lips, and after a long and wide search I have narrowed it down to these two colours. 

Shade 396 (Left) and Shade 398 (Right) are practically the only two colours I will wear when I want to rock the Nude look. 396 is the perfect nude but I often wear both colours together as 398 provides a little sheen but not shine. 

Their Packaging is what you'd expect from any high end cosmetics retailer. The sleek Matte bullet is simple and perfect and does not look like something I paid £3 for. It reminds me slightly of the MAC lipsticks but think less than half the price. I personally even prefer to quality of the Kiko lipsticks as opposed to MAC. It lasts on my lips a good Couple of hours before the need of any retouching. 

Kiko now have their Own website so if you can't make it to a westfield you can shop online here:

I haven't tried much else from the range, but I am looking to get a few more bits, is there anything that you would recommend trying? 
*Repost as the previous one got deleted*


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  1. I have so many KIKO lipsticks as i just find them such good quality for the price! :) i would suggest their make up remover.. and the blushes! :)


  2. I have a few Kiko lipsticks and I love them - and the lip liners :)

  3. This is really interesting I had not heard of Kiko before. It can be difficult to find the perfect shade of lipstick when finding a brand at first. I am glad that you have it narrowed down and now have a plan for the nude look. Thanks for including the website.

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