Benefit Fake Up Concealer

I have never been much of a concealer girl until discovering this gem. I have always found them to be quite thick and drag on the skin and leave my under eyes looking cakey. 

Recently after trying out the Benefit Fakeup concealer I have been converted. I don't think there is a single day that goes by now where I don't wear this. Sometimes I even wear this on its own under my eyes, and leave out foundation. 

The middle of the fakeup concealer is the pigments which help provide the coverage, and it is surrounded by a balm which hydrates the skin. It leaves it feeling natural while brightening the eye. It blends into the skin well leaving a dewy finish. 

 The Benefit fakeup concealer comes in three shades, namely light, medium and deep. They blend in really well, so although there aren't many shades, they will blend into a lot of skin tones. 

The Benefit Fakeup concealer retails at £18.50 per bullet which is a great price I would say for a concealer that does much more than just cover. I have tried other concealers around the same price range which just haven't done much for me, so I would be happy to pay a little more for this even.

You can find the benefit fakeup concealers here: Link


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  1. Just Found your blog. Looks great, definitely one I am going to continue reading. So inspiring -

  2. Oooh I'm so interested in this - wish it wasn't so expensive :( love the concept of the moisturising part though, hope a dupe is out there!!

    Holly Mixtures


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