New Year Wishlist

After the hype of Christmas has died down, and everyone is settling into the New Year, weekends can become slightly boring. I don’t know about everyone else, but so far, this January has been spent wandering around the house wearing my pyjamas and drinking cups of tea. Despite this being totally boring and unacceptable for a 19 Year old girl, it has given me the opportunity to search online fashion stores to find bargains which I can wear on the weekends (when I eventually change out of my pyjamas).

In my search for something colourful and stylish, I stumbled upon a gorgeous prom style dress from Quiz! This A line shape will give you the curves you have always longed for!

I absolutely love Prom dresses this season as they are so flattering and can be worn almost anywhere! I adore this Tartan dress as I can wear it with a cool leather jacket, a pair of thick black tights and some ankle boots. Alternatively it can be worn on a night out with a pair of killer heals!

From my online hunt, I found some absolutely gorgeous clothes that I thought I would share with you all, so here it is, my New Year wish list:

Sparkles, patterns and statement accessories are all in my shopping bag this January. As you can probably tell I do like darker colours, but that doesn’t mean I don’t jazz it up with bright accessories and big hair! It is ok to be subtle, as long as you accessorise correctly. 

You can have a browse for more dresses or find these ones here: Link

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  1. adore that dress from quiz! <3


  2. All those dresses are gorgeous and the boots with gold heels are just amazing! Great post xx


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