Illamasqua ImPerfection Spring 2013 Collection Event

Last night I had the pleasure to be invited down the Gallery Soho to preview the New Illamasqua Spring 2013 collection set to be released at the end of January. 

Like I say in almost if not all of my Illamsqua posts, I absolutely love their events and collections! There is always a story behind their collections,and I must say this Collection speaks volumes. 

As Alex box so greatly said at the event, every other makeup brand attempts to mask your imperfections, and you make you flawless, whereas this collection works alongside your imperfections,to enhance your beauty not change it. "The word imperfection is Basically Im-Perfection." 

Here are some Amazing images they created, whilst working around the models imperfections. 

I love how her natrually freckled cheeks have been made to be the main focus of the makeup. It gives a leopard print illusion and simply looks amazing.

The model in this picture has a birth mark on her face, which is her imperfection. Even though this isn't a conventional look, it still looks like a piece of art! 

Alex Box also created a fab new way of applying eyeliner. Yes we all probably wear black liquid liner as out every day liner, so why not try something different?

How amazing does this look! It looks like someone would spend a lot of time trying to get this look, but it is as simple as dotting colour over your regular line. 

I am absolutely in love with this lipstick and will be doing a face of the day with it! I love how vibrant and in yo face it is! 

An Illamasqua collection would not be complete without a ridiculously crazy product thrown in there! This wacky green lipgloss is just immense! It is not for the lighthearted that's for sure! Some of the PR ladies had it on at the event, and it does actually look pretty amazing! If you're not someone who is brave enough to rock this (I sure know I'm not) it also works really well as a mixer with other lipsticks to create new colours! 

The new nail polish collection is inspired by speckled eggs. It has matte glitters in it to help create the look. Its great for a nail art type look when you don't have the time! And the colours are perfect for the upcoming season!

And last but certainly not least my favorite product out of the whole lot, the new contouring brush. There was definitely a gap in the market for this product and Illamasqua have filled it! Its a flat top oval brush which is densely packed with soft bristles to give you a very well contoured look. I wont say too much about this now, as I will be doing a more detailed review of this soon! But I urge everyone to get this as soon as it comes out, as it will be a sellout! 

Looking forward to this collection coming out? I know I am! Products retail from around £14-£28. The collection will be released on the 31st of Jan, so not long left!

You can purchase these when they are out on the Illamasqua website: Link


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  1. So jealous you went to this event! I'd kill to have attended it!! Lovely post! :D

  2. Those imperfection photos are amazing! I love how creative the Illamasqua brand can be, theyre forever uploading amazing photos to facebook! x

    Lauren-Jade @ Dainty Bones


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