Fashionista Custom Palette

I'm sure you've read plenty of these posts before showing you the ever so amazing Fashionista Custom palettes! Just in case you haven't here's a quick showdown! 

As you may have guessed from the name it is a 'Custom' therefore allowing you to add your perfect combination of colours as per your taste.
Fashionista have an amazing array of single eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers and from that, you chose which 4 you want and pop them in. 

At the moment I have an eyeshadow, a blusher, and two bronzers, but this was only to show you guys. I am still on it, but I will have two seperate palettes (if not more) for face and eyes. The great thing about this is that if you are travelling on just want to pop it into your handbag you can change it around everyday to have whatever you need into one palette instead of lugging around loads of different products! 

It would make a great Personalised Christmas present as you can pick and chose each colour according to the individual! 

Each single eyshadow/blusher/bronzer retails at £4 each, and Superdrug are doing a 4 for £10 offer at the moment, so I know I will be stocking up! 
The empty palette is only only £5 so you really cant go wrong! 

You can purchase these items here: Link


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  1. oohh, do you know if the offer is still ongoing? the bronzers look really pretty!


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