Anastasia Waterproof Mascara

I don't know about you but I hate the rainy weather! I'm sure for makeup lovers it the worst thing ever, as you feel like you can't wear all your beautiful makeup as it'll just run down your face as you walk out of your house. 

I haven't found a solution to everything as of yet (I'm on it I promise!) but I can cure your mascara woes! I don't know if its just me or if others feel the same, but I actually hate waterproof mascaras. I can never find the mascara I like or want in a waterproof version.

This mascara is a god send for that very reason. You can just apply it over your favorite mascara and its good to go! Its a clear coating so it doesn't make any difference to colour or anything like that. 

The bristles on the wand coat each and every lash, and are really thin, avoiding the horrible clumpyness a lot of mascaras provide. 

Taking waterproof mascara off is another mission at the end of the night, but with any good oil based eye makeup remover, its great! (I have a review of a  great eye makeup remover coming up!)

So if anyone is looking for a great waterproof topcoat to wear over your favorite mascara, this is it! 

You can purchase this here: Link Retailing at £7.50 on Cult beauty.


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  1. I have been looking for a waterproof topcoat! I love the mascara that I use at the moment but it isn't waterproof - and other waterproofs I've tried don't have the same consistency - so this is perfect! :) xx


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