Gold Toe Cap Heels

Toe cap heels are everywhere at the moment and I am totally in love with this Trend! The look so elegant and fashionable! I have been searching for a pair for so long, and as I generally don't really like pointy heels, I wasn't willing to spend a fortune on them. 

I also love love love anything and everything suede so when I came across these heels, In Matalan I instantly fell in love with them! They are so beautiful! I thought they'd be reasonable priced at around £25-£30 which I was happy to pay as they seemed to imitate an expensive pair of heels. When I noticed that they were £10, I almost squealed as I was not expecting that! 

Personally I find that the heel is the perfect Height, as Its not too high, but high enough, but I think that depends on personal preference! 
Overall these are an amazing pair of heels, for an even more amazing price! I really want the Wine Coloured pair also, but they didn't have my size! (These aren't my size either but I had to have them! stuffing them with tissue does the trick! ) 

You can purchase these here for a mere £10!: Link

What do you think of the Toe cap trend? Love it or loathe it?


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  1. Love these!!
    Wow what a great bargain £10! They actually look quite expensive.

  2. Oh my god! I lovelovelove these & can't believe they are only £10!!


  3. I've wanted some toe cap shoes for ages, are these really £10?? Amazing!!!! x

  4. LOVE these shoes.... I have the same ones :)

  5. Luurrrvveee these! Not back fo £10! ;)


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