Avon Strictly Come Dancing Perfume

Last month Avon released a couple of new fragrances in collaboration with strictly come dancing. Strictly come dancing is just one of those program's  that I love with all the amazing outfits and makeup! 

"A passionate mix of warm cardamom spice, sexy, hot pink osmanthus and captivating sandalwood."

Im not amazing at describing scents so I have taken that off the website, but I would say it reminds me of a Christmas night! You know those smells which smell so specific? Yeah its one of those! 

I love the baubale shape and think it would make a great Christmas present! At the moment Avon are also having an offer if you purchase the perfume, so get right on it, and priced at £12.99 I would buy one for everyone! 
If you buy the perfume, you get the and purse spray free! 

You can purchase the perfume here: link

Has anyone got any of these yet? I love Avon for perfumes, they're so affordable and smell lovely! Oh and they make great presents too! 


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  1. Ah I'm useless at describing scents. Love the bottle for this though!


  2. Love the packaging! Xx



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