Skin Art Temporary Tattoos

Im sure you've all seen or heard the hype around Skin Art Temporary tattoo's. In my opinion they are an amazing invention, and I would personally like to meet the person who thought of the idea and thank them!

I have been wanting a Tattoo for ages, but it is against my religion, so I don't think I will ever be getting a real one. For this reason, these are great! You can have the great effect of a tattoo, and still not get into trouble with god! How great does that sound?

All jokes aside, its actually great if your planning on getting a tattoo in a certain area and feel like trying it out before you commit to getting inked for life! Its almost like a trail run! Also if your quite indecisive you can change up the tattoo every few days! 

Application is easy peasy! You just cut out the design you want, stick on the desired area, and wet! Simples... I usually powder over it, as I find it dries out the 'Tattoo' making it look more real and last longer also! 

These retail at £4.99 each and you can purchase them from boots I believe! they come with three sheets of tattoos inside each pack, so its well worth the pennies! 

You can purchase them here: Link

Has anyone tried this brand? Ive never come across these by any other brand, so if anyone has it would be interesting to compare, so let me know please! 


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  1. Ohmygosh!! I love this!! I`m so going to buy this in November!! Thanks!! :) xx


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