New MUA BB Creams

I have done a post previously (Link) about the MUA BB creams, but they've recently released lots more shades, to cater to different skin tones. Lets be real, not everyone falls into either Light, Medium, or Dark! Many companies, who make BB creams unfortunately, so only a small number of shades and it is not always suited to everyone, so Its nice to see MUA have tried to branch out to more people.

They have more in between shades now. Previously I would have used the shade medium, and the two shades above are Medium rose and medium dark. One being more Pink Toned and one being more yellow toned! I will have a comparison post up soon, so If you'd like to see that Keep an eye out. 

I think its great that a brand such as MUA, which is affordable, and widely available are listening to their customers and doing what they can to cater to more people! If only some of the higher end brands would do the same (Not mentioning any names. You know who you are). 

You can purchase the BB creams from superdrugs or from the MUA online store here: Link And its currently on offer too for a mere £3 so Snap it up before its sold out!


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  1. I'm a Light in everything but like you say, it's nice to see a more affordable brand providing more choice in shades!

    Jesss xo


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