Illamasqua Generation Q Collection

Just before leaving for my holiday back in July, I attended the Illamasqua Generation Q event where I got a preview of their Recent Collection named Generation Q.

Generation Q is basically saying that makeup has no age, and people of any age can wear makeup, and they shouldn't hide behind bland lifeless makeup!
If your a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am a crazy fan of Illamasqua Makeup! Not only is the actual products amazing, but all the team and the company values make me respect it so much! They always have an amazing story behind every collection! 

Opulent (lipgloss) and Sophie (Blusher) are two pieces from the collection. Opulent is a clear lipgloss with multitonal shimmers and iridescent which makes it an amazing colour to wear over colours, but also on its own! It gives such an eye catching 3D look to the lips!   

The Sophie Blusher is an orangey pink colour with gold shimmers Running through it. Its very subtle if you apply it with a light hand, so you wont ed up looking like a glittery orange. I really like colours with an orange undertone to it, and Have been using this loads! I couldn't get a decent Swatch, so I will have  a face of the day up soon! Its so perfect for the autumn as it fits right in with the red, orange and brown colours!

I also have an nail post coming up with a swatch of The nail polish Creator (Which I absolutely love) So watch out for that! I have been eyeing up the quads as well! Does anyone recommend anything?


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  1. Love that Illamasqua always come up with unique colours! The blusher looks seriously HOT! You should definitely get an eye quad - they're fab quality and the price is decent x


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