Accessorize 'You Are Everything' Palette

You may have seen me post about the Accessorize Lipsticks a little while back, and here I am yet again with another Accessorize Makeup product. 

The 'You are Everything' Palette consists of an array of shades, including a few neutrals, a few brights, darks, and a pastel or two. Most of the shades in this palette are shimmery, so if that's your thing, then You'd love this palette.  It has 32 gorgeous colours!

The Matte colours do take a little more applying and building up to get an opaque colour, but the shimmers have quite a good colour payoff. I would definitely use a primer with this palette to get a better finish, and to make it last longer. 

The packaging is what attracts me to it the most! I love this patriotic thing they have going on, and it just makes it all the more attractive. They added a chic touch with the bird cages making it super cute and girly!

At £8.95 this is well worth the pennies, and does not break the bank! You are getting many shades, so lots of colours to experiment with! 

Click Here: Link to be taken to the Accessorize website!


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  1. wow...what a gorgeous palette. and so reasonable!

  2. This is such a pretty palette and a rather awesome bargain too! I want. Actually I need.


  3. So affordable and amazing! I have one iof their older palettes and I love it! X


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