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Hello Sweeties….or should I say Swifties! ;) Yes that’s right, you guessed it, Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck has finally landed here in the UK! 

So let’s get right down to it… 
The packaging of Wonderstruck is very Taylor-esque with its alluring colours of pink, purple, orange and hints of magical gold; it would certainly stand out on a store shelf. The design has a very intricate patchwork look to it giving it that antique yet modern vibe.

And again in true Taylor fashion, the top of the carton has the official Swift seal of approval with an embossed ‘13’ in gold lettering, which fans of the country/pop sensation will recognise as her lucky number.
The overall effect of the packaging gives it a very charming almost handmade feel showing us that Miss Taylor put a lot of thinking behind her fragrance.

The bottle of this effervescent fragrance is truly one of a kind and keeping with the ‘enchanting’ theme, it is aesthetically lustrous and mythical with the light bouncing off it in every angle. 
What makes the bottle unique is the charms that it is so lovingly adorned with. Hand-picked by Taylor herself, the charms showcase Taylor’s playful behaviour and the star, dove and birdcage gives it a charismatic and vivacious quality.
The petite quality of the bottle will add a little magic to your perfume corner.
The aroma of the perfume itself is captivating. Taylor wanted this to be a fragrance you’d never forget, one that would stay with you for a long time and that is exactly the kind of perfume Wonderstruck is. The scintillating flowery scent of the fragrance mixes excellently with the fruity essence giving it a feminine flair. The sweet euphoric bouquet of sandalwood, vanilla, raspberry, apple and honeysuckle gives Wonderstruck a simply tantalizing aroma and is perfect for any sweet-smelling perfume lover.


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  1. Its so funny, I was looking at the bottle at the superdrugs press event and I thought it was sooo pretty! I bought a bottle of it today because of it. Theres an 'enchanted' version which I'm dying to smell.

  2. oh i saw this in boots this morning and i was like, hmm lets give it ago, omgawd it smells amazing, just like candy sweets, and you get a free tote bag with it, and it was only £20, i might have to get this when i next get paid because it smelt amazing, like literal awsome, and im not one of those people who would get it just for taylor swift.

  3. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift but I like the idea behind her fragrance. The bottle looks gorgeous too!

    1. wow i love this post, thank you for the share..wow looks really good..

  4. I love the smell of this, really need to get some! x


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