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Hello lovelies! So I'm filling in for the beautiful Sharmin, who will be currently soaking up her lovely holiday. I'm really jealous, I wish I was on holiday right now!  So today I wanted to talk with you about something that would look great on holiday or for the Summer- Ombre hair.

 I first heard of Ombre Hair when I spotted Lauren Conrad sporting beautiful ombre style hair quite a long time ago now, Lauren Conrad has become quite a little beauty trend-setter over the years. I personally think she's fab, anything that she wears look's amazing on her, and her hair and make up always seems to look perfect at all times. I completely envy her style. So when I noticed Lauren with this quirky and unique ombre hair style I was rather shocked, she was one of the first celebs to sport this look and I thought she was quite brave to wear a style that nobody had really seen yet. Me on the other hand, I didn't dare to try it. It might look fab on her, but I certainly didn't think it would look great on me. Over the years the ombre/dip-dye trend has become increasingly popular and more and more people have braved out the dip-dye/ombre trend!

I've always, always wanted to try the ombre trend myself, but never really got round to it. (Or maybe I was being a baby, and too scared) I guess there's nothing scary about it at all really, I'm just worried that if I ever tried it, and hated it..then I'd feel so daft. Also the fact that, it would take so long to grow out annoys me a little bit too. Well anyway, I have a solution for all of you ombre lovers who are desperate to try the trend but are a little bit skeptical. 

I wanted to create this post for you all today, to cater to those who like me can’t afford a celebrity hair stylist, and pay mega bucks to have perfect hair even if we do ruin it with dip dye. So why not try my easy resort to having dip-dye/ombre hair for the day which is effective but not as damaging as the real dip-dye trend and also fun, and temporary!

What you will need-

In order to create your own ombre locks you will need this simple things:

·         Rubber Gloves – It doesn’t get very messy, but you don’t want to risk it..
·         Old T-shirt  – you don’t want to be wearing your bestest gear during the process of this hair style, because the products used to create the dip-dye locks can cause a little bit of staining.
·         Large Hair Seperators (Clips) – to section different parts of your hair!
·         And finally, they key ingridient to creating this lovely hair style- Lee Stafford Colour Xtreme  Hair Art (this is a spray on colour shown below)

Lee Stafford Colour Xtreme Hair Art

I first came across the Lee Stafford Xtreme hair art, when my Uncle’s step-son recommend it to me, I thought it was fab and soon began creating my own little looks using these little sprays. The sprays are all temporary which is great because you can create this look without having to worry about the commitment, and the product comes in a variety of beautiful colours. The product is a wash out product, which means that as soon as you wash your hair the product will come out of your hair instantly.  The spray’s are extremely easy to use, and you can use them as though you are spraying any normal type of spray on your hair (i.e hairspray) The only problem is they can be a tad drying after washing out the product, but I find that a good conditioner sorts that issue out in no time! The fab thing about the spray’s is that you can even use them on darker hair too, the colour is still as amazing in darker hair than it is light.  I bought the product for £2.99 from Boots but you can also purchase for cheaper, if you have a look on the internet. To find out more about the colour’s avaliable go to  www.boots.com

Step to Step Guide on Creating the Perfect Look Using the  Lee Stafford Xtreme Hair Art Sprays!

Step One: Section your hair into a  half up half down style. If you have thicker hair section your hair into smaller sections and put ¾ of your hair pinned up using the hair pin/seperator. 
Step Two: Simply take a section of desired hair, and spray half of the piece of hair using your desired Xtreme Art colour. Repeat until the whole section of your hair that is down is complete.
Step Three: It is up to you, whether you experiment with different colours or not. But from here, take down the rest of your hair which is pinned up and begin grabbing sections of hair and again spray half of the hair piece to create the ombre effect.  Continue until every single desired hair strand is spray.

And Voila, it’s as simple as that really! You can experiment with other hair styles using these sprays too, but this was just a simple D.I.Y Temporary Ombre Hair Tutorial.

Some Dip Dye Inspired hair extensions which were sprayed using the Lee Stafford Xtreme Hair Art Spray!

I hope some of you found this useful! For more beauty and fashion advice/tips/review go to my blog  www.mybeautyandfashionfix.blogspot.com and have a little snoop around!

Lots of Love!
Sharna (MyBeautyandFashionFix!)


  1. I love the dip dye too but I’m worried it will damage my hair. I got these instead - I&K dip dye hair extensions They’re available at Hairtrade.com and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the turquoise one! Kate x


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