♥ Waterfall GamlorousUK dresses ♥

Waterfall GamlorousUK dresses

Lately Iv been seeing a lot of these waterfall-esq dresses around and I am absolutely in love with them! They look so elegant, glamorous and effortless all at the same time! 
I've also been seeing the Glamorous website pop up a lot over the past month or so, so I thought I'd show you my top pics of waterfall dresses, from the Glamorous website! Aren't they gorgeous?!

If anyone has any OOTD's featuring a waterfall dress Id love to see it! Please send a link Below in the comments! 

If you'd Like to check any of these dresses out, or any other gorgeous clothes for that matter Here is the Link to the website! They're very well priced and Bang on trend! Cant wait to show you some more looks! 

Link: GlamorousUK

p.s Theres also free automatic worldwide delivery and also 20% off if you enter the code "Glamorous20" <---Whatchya waiting for?!


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