♥ Holiday Essentials: Sun Protection ♥

When your on holiday you have to always always remember to protect yourself from the sun! Everyone always remembers to whack on sun screen on their arms and legs but your head is also getting exposed to the sun, and lets be honest how many of you remember to protect your heads? Probably not many of you! 

I also find it quite difficult to find a sun protectant which is specifically for your face.. Sometimes I even resort to using the body sun screens on my face, which just makes me look grey and weird! So this is great! 

Wilkinson have a range of sun protecting products! They're inexpensive and pocket friendly which is exactly what you need for a holiday! You are at a point in your life where your pockets are feeling light so why break the bank for something that you will need to use in bucketfuls anyway?
They're quite small and travel friendly too, so you can carry them with you whilst your out! 

I don't know about you but I like to take the cheapest things I can find on holiday so I can just leave it there even if I don't finish it before I'm back. I don't think Id be leaving £50 sun protectant there If It wasn't finished, and I really don't need the extra baggage!

You can buy the Wilko Range from the wilkinson website: Link
Or in one of their many shops! 


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  1. I think the scalp protector is a great idea as I always burn it when I go on holidays. I wonder if they do it in a higher SPF though, I personally dont bother with anything under 30 x

  2. My main problem with most suncreams nowadays is that they make them alllll water resistant which makes me come out in hives :-( It's so hard to find a water soluble one now that my skin can cope with. I guess I better just stay in the shade.


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