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If you follow me on twitter you must know by now how much I love Japonesque! They are an amazing brush company and their brushes are such great value for money. Spending a little on a good brush and looking after it is way better than buying cheap brushes every now and then!

My everyday brushes have now been replaced with Japonesque brushes! I am specifically liking these two brushes at the moment! Especially for doing other people's makeup! 

 I have never got on with those flat 190esque brushes and have always found them very streaky, so I thought this angled foundation brush would be good to try out as It might not come out streaky like the round top ones! Im so glad I tried it as It manages to get into all the creases of the face and does not leave your makeup streaky! I especially love this brush for when Im doing other peoples makeup! It makes it very easy to apply foundation! 

The powder brush has a much longer handle than the MAC powder brush, although I don't think this makes much of a difference. It is on the other hand a lot more rounder and fluffier which means it picks up more product all round and is much nicer to blend powder into the face. Its extremely soft and feels really nice on the skin! 

I did my friends makeup a while ago with these brushes and it came out really nice! She has exema on her face and It did very well in covering it up.
Foundation used was MAC studio Fix Fluid. 

Both these brushes can be purchased from John Lewis Online and Instore. 
Japonesque Angled Foundation brush - £19
Japonesque Pro Powder Brush - £28

Anyone like the makeup I did lol? 


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  1. I like the way you did her make-up especially the eyes looks really nice. I have never heard of this make of brushes but they look really good!


  2. The base looks BEAUT!! Totally agree with you on the foundation brush. I have it in the travel size and its perfect for noses and under eyes. It's come in especially handy since i got my nose pierced LOL xxx


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