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Recently I was invited down to the vanilla Club/restaurant/bar To preview the newly redone Indola range. It was a really well planned event and I really enjoyed it! There was a Mini Hair catwalk featuring all their "street styles" which are styles that have been created from inspiration off Our streets! 
I love all the different personas they have created through the cuts and coloring!

Indola is a salon only brand so its not available to the common buyer such as myself and you, but it is available to out hairdressers, through which it will reach us eventually!  

We were talked through all the cuts by the global brand ambassador Leonardo Rizzo! Now on to the Pictures! 

Top-bottom: Colour Clash|Denim Folk|Urban Tribal|Andro Mono|Graphic Pop

They also have an amazing Ilearn website which educated hairdressers on all of their Indola products and training and tutorials! Link

I love that they've taken street style and created something amazing from it! It should appeal to so many people and there should be something for everyone! 


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