♥ Japonesque False Eyelashes [Length] ♥

I am on an Eyelash craze at the moment! Since learning how to apply them I have tried to wear them as often as I can! I don't want to over do it though, because that would mean I wouldn't look any different on special occasions! These lashes are so good for everyday wear as they add volume and length to my lashes but look so natural, it would be hard to tell if I had any on! 

The strip for the lashes is really thin, so It barely feels like you have anything on! always a plus point in my books! Oh and it doesn't even look like you have false lashes on when someone looks over the top of you!

These are some great quality lashes that last a very long time! I have applied them now over 4 times, (the same pair) with mascara, and curling so that's an indication of how good they are! 
Im not sure how much these retail at but they can be bought from eBay from around £4-£5!! So they are not breaking the bank at all! 
Has anyone ever tried these lashes before? I will be reviewing lots more Japonesque Lashes in the upcoming future as I am totally in love with them at the moment, so watch out for that! 


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  1. I'm scared to try lashes. I worry I would apply them wrong. Maybe I should just get some and try them out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. They look soo nice! I will have to check them out xx


  3. oooh they look great!! I got my first pair of lashes in my she said box...the We Are Faux ones...I totally love them!

  4. These look great, they look so natural which is what I like in false lashes :)

    Frances x

  5. they look lovely and natural! x

  6. omg they look so natural on you, i can never get them to stick on mine



  7. Great post and blog :) now following

  8. I have such eye jealousy of you..! They're like proper green...Harry Potter green! I've been on the look-out for some reeeally natural looking lashes for a long time - I have deep-set eyes so I can't have any OTT - so I've just ordered a set of these online on your recommendation! :)

    Emily x

  9. so natural looking, do you have a link of the buyer you purchased from on ebay?

    I need to get some of these for everyday wear cause Iv got short horrible things without mascara!!



  10. oooh these look fab, good to hear they've lasted well too! Are they easy to apply?!

    Also, your eyebrows are AMAZING!



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