♥ How to streamline your wardrobe for summer ♥

Are you struggling to fit all your clothes into your wardrobe? Do you have to squeeze clothes into your drawers in order to shut them? You’re not alone. It’s amazing how clothes can build up over short periods of time. Yet, it always seems like you never really have anything to wear. It’s one of life’s great mysteries – like the Bermuda triangle, or trying to work out how some celebs managed to get themselves onto the B-list.

Yes, no and maybe

It certainly sounds like you need to have a clear out. But this time, you have to be ruthless. Start by making three piles: one to keep, one for the charity shop and one for items you are reluctant to part with, but have been gathering dust in your wardrobe. Then go through all your clothes systematically. It can be tough – as some clothes have sentimental value – but unless you want to earn a reputation as the world’s biggest fashion hoarder, you’re going to have to make some difficult choices. After all, if you don’t wear it, do you really need it? Surely it would be better off getting a new lease of life through a charity donation?

When you have your three piles, you’ll need to go through the ‘maybe’ pile again. Set yourself a target of how much of it you can keep – e.g. one in three items. This should help you to be a bit bolder in your choices. If some clothes are in really good condition, you might consider trying to sell them online to make a few extra pounds.

Method from the madness
Hopefully, after all this clearing out you’ll have space in your wardrobes – and a few extra quid – for some new summer essentials. And if not, then maybe you should look into some new storage solutions. Be methodical in your future shopping. Look over your ‘to keep’ pile and identify what you really need. If you only have one or two vest tops left, you’ll probably need to add a few of those, and so on. This should help you to really think about what you need, before you buy it.

At the end of the process you’ll have that refreshed feeling you get after a good clear out, and a few new items to wear this summer.


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