♥ Japonesque Artisian Slant Tip Tweezer ♥

I do not have much to say on this product except that its bloody amazing!
The slant tip on the tweezers allow you to get a grip of each single teeny weeny hair! I have always had a problem with tweezers and could never find the perfect one! I have one that I purchased many years ago from a chemist which I still use, but its way past its use by date! So I thank god for these! 

The packaging is great as it has pretty patterns all over! The conventional tweezers are usually a plain silver pincher, so Its a nice change from that! They also look better in my tools box. I have added a disgusting picture below of the tweezers gripping my eyebrow hair haha! BEWARE! 

  Sorry about the disturbing picture, but I needed to show you how good it was! 

These tweezers are available to purchase in John Lewis I believe but I cant find a link! There are so many designs though so check this out! The starry dreams one is my favorite! 


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  1. OUCH! i hate tweezing, but i hate hair even more! lol

  2. I have been looking for some new tweezers as my existing Tweezermans are getting blunt so might check these out x

  3. My tweezers are sooooo way past there use by date they are almost vintage haha. Will check these out xxx

  4. Cant wait to check these out


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