♥ GHD Style and Protect Gift Set ♥

Anyone who knows me knows that my GHD is my baby! Well second to my phone! I use it every day without fail, so I was really excited to try out this product! It comes with a GHD paddle brush, a Style and protect spray, a final shine spray and Two separating hair Clips(anyone know the name for these?).

As for my hair... Well there is only 1 word I would use to describe it! Frizzball! 
Its very frizzy and poofy and just all over the place! This is why I need to tame it everyday and why My GHD is the best thing ever since liquid foundation! 

As you can see in the Before picture It really isnt Smooth or silky, it just looks very damaged, brittle and dry! It is generally straight, but has lots of unwanted waves etc, which Just make it look so horrible! 

A hair brush, straightener and two bottles later....

As you can see my hair is now much smoother and really silky and shiny! Throughout the day I had so many compliments that my hair smells so nice! The paddle brush is also great, as It doesn't nudge and pull my hair as Some other brushes have done in the past, and As it is so wide I don't need to brush through it as much! You can Buy the set here  for £39 which I think is a reasonable price for an amazing hair brush, plus two bottles of hair products! (I would pay £40 just to have my hair smell like that everyday! *Sniffs hair* 


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  1. I loooove GHD as well :) I havent tried the sprays yet tho. But the paddle brush is good :)

    What kinda hairproducts/treatments do you use daily? I guess you have tried a lot and know what works and not on your hair :)
    If I could recommend some products for you it would def be Sebastian Hydre shampoo, Sebastian Penetraitt conditioner, Sebastian Taming Elixir and Moroccan oil :) oh and KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray makes your hair super smooth and shiny:)

    Ha ha hope im sounding like a saleswoman, we just started with these products in the salon where i work, I totally fell in love and they´re become a personal favorite of mine :)
    My extensions tend to become quite frizzy and this works for me :)

  2. I love ghd too! It's like my holy grail product, I couldn't get by without my trusted straighteners :)

    Macadamia Natural Oils/Moroccan Oil are really great products for helping to reduce frizz after you've dried your hair which helps me out a lot as I literally have "lion hair" after I blast mine dry!


  3. i have the EXACT same flat iron love it!!!

  4. you have such gorgeous hair! i love!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have been wanting a GHD for awhile now. I have a CHI and hate it. :( I love your hair and your hair style.


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