♥ Valentines Day Gift Guide [Marc Ecko Watch] ♥

I love this watch! Its so blingy and out there! Will make any wrist shine!! 
my friend has had this watch 3 years now and not a single crystal has fallen out so there's no questioning the quality! Its the Micheal Kors Equivalent for Men! (The Micheal Kors men's Range is very limited)!

It is a little on the heavy side, so if your man has small wrists, then maybe this isn't the watch for him.
The Packaging is so luxurious and great if you like displaying your prized possessions! 

I cant actually find a link for this watch online at the moment, but I know it can be purchased from The watch surgery in westfield statford city. Its a small little consession Outside primark on the Lower ground floor. 

If you want any details on where to get it, tweet or email me and I will give you full details :)


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