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You have probably seen a dozen of these posts around, but I suppose with Something like mascara, there's no such thing as too many reviews right? Each person has different lashes so it gives you a better Idea the more reviews you read no?

So the Lash out Mascara is one of the latest releases by Sleek Makeup. The hot Pink packaging and black designs on the tube say rebel to me. Think Very dark long lashes. Personally I like the more luxurious packaging for mascaras, but for a  drugstore mascara its hit the right spot. 

As you can see the brush on this mascara is quite thin. Most mascaras on the market today either have thick fibre brushes, or the thin comb ones, so Its nice to see a thin fibre brush. It coats the bottom lashes well without getting mascara all over the bottom of my eyes. 

So as you can see it does add lots of length as it claims to do, and it doesn't look at all clumpy but I fear a few more coats may lead to it being clumpy. Its long lasting, and doesn't flake away come evening time. Overall its a really good mascara and I would give it a 8/10. Definitely one to try out if your looking for a new mascara. 


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  1. Are those your natural lashes? They look amazing even without the mascara! JEAAALOUSSSS! x

  2. Mascara or not, you have gorg eyes! mashAllah


  3. i like your thick lashes!



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