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First of all I would like to start this post by saying a very big thank you to Maria, for passing on her press pass to me! You’re a Star!!

I hadn’t ever been to IMATS before, so I had no Idea what to expect! Ideally I wanted to go first thing in the morning on Saturday, but thanks to work I couldn’t! I did go on Sunday, but thanks to the crappy weather it took me ages to get there and I was a little late. This only meant that all the good stuff had already been taken!

 As soon as I entered I was in awe at the size of it. There were a lot of stalls and pop up shops each promoting their brand! Thanks to prior advice from twitter telling me to visit Illamasqua first, I literally ran there! Even at this late time of day the illamasqua stand was buzzing and I had to squeeze under people to get a looksie! (benefits of being a small person)

By this time there weren’t many things left (I really wanted foundations ) But I still managed to snag a few bargains! 3 for £10!! Can you imagine! I regret not getting more! Each item retails between £15-£25 so 3 for £10 was practically free! (More details of that to come on a following post!)

The Rest of the stands didn’t really scream anything out at me to be honest. There was a MAC stand, but they had regular prices unless you had a MAC card… still bought a lipstick, but nothing special there. The sleek stand had the regular bargains they have when they do store promotions so that was alright.

The crown brush (most spoken about on twitter) had a huge stall with loads of brushes, but I resisted buying any brushes as I have way too many, and Im waiting on some in the post! Oh and MakeUpForever were there, who are not widely available in the UK, but I don’t really know much about the brand so I passed.

Im really happy with what I got considering I was given a press pass, but where tickets retail at £45 you wouldn’t even save that much really, unless you were buying bucket loads, or were a Makeup artist looking for brands such as MUFE.
That sums up my trip to IMATS and Il leave you with a few pictures I took.

If anyone has done an IMATS haul post please link it below! 


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  1. You took some really lovely photos, I really wish I could have gone ot IMATS, just to see what it was like, meet a few people and have a nosy at the Illamasqua and MUFE stands :P
    I can't get over some of that body art, it's amazing!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. Great photos - very jealous of the Illamasqua bargains! Hopefully I'll be able to go next time round xxx

  3. Wonderful post, can't believe all the snow on sunday, there was none on the saturday! xoxo

  4. Looks amazing, i wish i had been there!



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