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Not long ago Asma from Boudoir Lashes contacted me asking whether I wanted to get Lash extensions. Now usually I would have jumped at the change, but due to religion I'm not permitted to put lash extensions on, So I asked Hayley from London Beauty Queen whether she would like to take my place. 

Boudoir lashes is based in Becca  a Makeup shop in south Kensington. They are not part of the same company, But asma runs and owns boudoir! Im not going to say much on the actual process as I think the pictures tell the story, but its literally sticking individual lashes on to your own individual lash! Long process yes, but definitely worth it at the end!

You Start off by having your lower lids taped off to protect them, and to make it easier to apply the glue, so it doesn't get stuck on your skin. 

She then glues an eyelash (Yes one single hair) To each of your eyelash hairs (depending on how full you want it). 



So you can see the dramatic difference it has made to Hayleys eyelashes! They look really full and voluminousness now! Only thing is you have to be careful when working around the eye, but other than that it looks great!
To read Hayleys point of view Click here for her Post.

Have any of you guys got your lashes done? If so what was your experience like?
Read about someones falling out once!


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  1. They look soooo good!
    I don't know if you realised this, but the lashes thing also applies to false lashes too, they're not allowed :/


  2. they look really good! shame i cant have them either! oh and at the comment above (iram) i didnt know that?!
    great post sharmin :)

  3. wow the results are really amazing!


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