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A few days ago I visited the Flagship store of Becca boutique in South Kensington along with Hayley (a.k.a London Beauty Queen) we went there so Hayley could test out some Boudoir Lashes (post to come) (not the same company) But I thought Id tell you all about the boutique anyway!

Throughout the day I kept calling it a Salon only to be reminded its a makeup shop! 
As soon as you walk in to the swanky boutique you don't feel like your in a makeup shop, but you feel like your in a very glamorous beauty parlor!

The service was great (from observation) and because I was there and the the lashes take so long to apply, me and Hayley's friend were allowed to have our makeup done!

I have to say when she told me she was applying tinted moisturizer on me, I thought BLAH! Thats not going to do anything for me, as I'm more of a Heavy coverage type of girl! But I couldnt have been more wrong! My face looked really fresh and glowy and still have the coverage I like (Not as heavy but still did the job)

I loved having a play around with the Becca makeup and the makeup is really good! Need to get me some of the Beach Tint FrootiBeauty Reviewed!

Next time if any of you are in South Kensington  Pop your head into the Becca store! Its such a lovely store and you will love it! 


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  1. Looks like a great day, and those shades of blush are so pretty!



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