♥ Valentines Day Gift Guide [Joop Sexy In Pink] ♥

Okay so "sexy in Pink" Isn't really the most conventional title for a Men's Perfume, and if I was a guy the bottle wouldn't draw me in! But this ones more for you girls, than for your Guys :)
The actual perfume inside the somewhat girly looking bottle Smells divine! If you buy this perfume for your man, it would benefit you in the sense that you could smell it all day long :) Oh and its a very long lasting one, so you literally would smell it all day!

Top Notes: Grapefruit
Heart: Saffron
Base: Leather

The perfume represents a hot guy whose wearing pink, but can still pull the ladies! Obviously because hes wearing this "sexy in Pink" perfume! 
This bottle was purchased from Escentual.com . I have seen it floating around a few stores, debenhams so to speak, but im not sure if its still available online. If not the original joop Homme Is  a great alternative! 
This perfume is prices between £30-£50 so its one of the cheaper pressies :)


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  1. Love it! I've been buying my dad the original Joop! fragrance..smells gorgeous!

  2. The bottle looks so fun, I really like it :)


  3. never tried it, but the bottle is super cute

  4. I'd buy this because of the bottle, but I'm sure my boyfriend would only use it of it had a cover - he hates pink!

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