♥ Valentines Day Gift Guide [Emporio Armani Watch] ♥

This watch screams Class and if that's your mans style Then this is the watch to buy! After browsing the whole of Armani's Range this is the watch I kept coming back to! If you present this to him on valentines day he will be Jumping up and Down and will be Putty in your hands! 
What I love about this watch is, that although its more of a smarter watch, it goes just as well with casual wear! 

I dont know about you, but I judge a man by his watch and his shoes, and If he was wearing this then id possibly give him a second look ;) 
Just kidding!!

It has a brown dial and Diamonds where the numbers should be. Its light weight and very comfortable! (Yes I sometimes wear it :$ )

This watch can be purchased from The Watch Hub who currently have it price at £295 which if you think about it isnt a lot of money for what it is! Even the ugliest Armani watches are priced well above £300 So its great, as I personally think its the best out of the lot! They also provide a Gift wrapping service, so all you have to do is press a few buttons!! 

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