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When it comes to brushes I am not a snob! My brush collection arrays from cheapo brushes, from random shops, to the occasional MAC ones. Oh and I have a lot of Bobbi Brown brushes! It wasn't until recently that I heard about Japonesque! They are a well known makeups Tool brand providing high quality tools for professional's and the common person like me and you! (well some of you)

I received 3 of their travel sized brushes, the travel Blusher brush, The travel angled eyeliner brush and the Travel Eyeshadow Crease Brush

Now I have to say, before I got the blusher Brush, I thought the brush I used for contouring my cheeks was the best brush for the job, but I was so wrong! 
The Japonesque Brush is so soft, you can hardly feel it. When I first used it, it felt like it was made of silk.. If thats even possible for a Brush lol! 
Its like magic! No really... When I use it, I swipe it down the side of my face under my cheekbones, to create a nice contour. Now usually, there are a few sharp Lines, I then need to contour, but with this brush, it sort of spreads out and does that without being told... Need to check out more brushes from their face range! If the travel brush is this good, Id love to use the other brushes! 

I love the angled Liner for defining my lower lash line. Its really thin, but dense at the same time, so packs on the colour with minimum fall out, and lines my eyes really well! 

The crease brush is great! Just like the blusher brush, it allows me to create a cut crease, but without any harsh lines! All of the brushes are really soft! Every Time I use them, I am in awe! 

They are available to purchase at Boots so there's no reason for you not to get your hands on them! They have a feature on their website which allows you to find your nearest store. They are reasonably priced, around £8-£30, again cheaper than MAC, and So worth every penny!

Anyone tried these brushes before? Which do I need to get my mitts on next? 


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  1. never heard of them before, they seem nice ;-)

  2. I can't find any really decent makeup brushes that are reasonably priced, I generally use Cosmo's range. Will have to check these out :)


  3. ive never ehard of this brand too, prolly because sigma is the more popular one =)
    but they look really nice and promising.
    thanks for sharing

  4. These look great I must check them out!


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