♥ Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Eyebrow Palette ♥

Iv have been using this palette religiously since I got it and I just have to say I love it! I never really use to put much thought into my eyebrows other than plucking them, every couple weeks, but now I am Just obsessed with them! 
Its like without filling in my eyebrows, my face feels naked, if you get my drift?
Its a fool proof tool! Comes with a Mirror and Instructions on the Lid/Flap, and has all the tools (angled liner brush + Stencils) included. 

The brush that it comes with is great quality. Now I usually find brushes that come with sets and makeup aren't really of high quality and I am not likely to use them, but the quality on this one has stunned me! Although Its thin, its also quite dense, if that is possible.Its very precise and leaves a sharp line which is how I like me eyebrows.. Although if your someone who likes softer eyebrows you can always just blend out and soften them out with a blending brush. 

The clear wax is to set your eyebrows, and to help the colour stick on better, but I don't really use it much as my eyebrows are quite thick so the hairs catch the colour without the need of a wax. 
There is a lighter option of brown which I use for day to day use, and if you want to go on a night out, the darker brown would be great. It will add the emphasis, and your eyebrows, will still be noticeable.
The highlight colour is great, as Its not one of those super shiny ones that is very apparent, but its more subtle and catches the light type colour. 

It comes with an Array of stencils, so your guaranteed to find one that will suit your shape. It ranges from a very thin one called "Slim high arch" to a "Full arch" with three others in between. Although it says high arch you can control how high it is, as there's a cut between the main body of your eyebrow and the winged out part. I haven't seen anything like this in any other stencils. 

Overall its a really good palette, and I would highly recommend it! Especially if your someone who loves their eyebrows! 

It is available to purchase in two shades, namely Blonde, and brunette, but Im no brunette, and the brunette is perfect for me, so Brown and black haired people can also benefit from this product. 

You can check it out here and also check out their vast range of other eyebrow products! Some of which are on sale at the moment. 

It retails at $39.50 which to be fair is the price you'd expect to pay for any decent eyebrow kit. 

So what do you think? Any of you guys tried this brand? Do you recommend any other eyebrow palettes? I really want to try the Sleek one, but I don't know if it will be any better than this one?

p.s I will be doing an FOTD soon with my eyebrows ;)


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  1. nice, i have been wanting to try this

  2. I really like the look of this!! Loving the purple cover it's in! x

  3. This looks lovely and the packaging is gorgeous. I look forward to your FOTD xx

  4. Did you order this from America? So please Anastasia is coming to the UK on the 16th of Jan :o) not long to go xxx


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