♥ YoungBlood Minerals ReLaunch ♥

Recently I attended the ReLaunch of Youngblood Cosmetics. A mineral Makeup brand Which aims to cater to the needs of people with all Different skin types, especially those who get irritated by using a traditional formula. YoungBlood Minerals is a Paraben Free, Talc Free, Cruelty Free, Fragrance free and Oild Free Brand. So for those of you that look for those specifics, there arent any :)

On reaching the event I was warmly welcomed to the event and was Given a drink. I arrived Just in time, as a Demo had just began, and we were shown How to apply a full face of makeup Right from the base to the Finishing touches! 

All in All it was a Great event, the atmosphere was buzzing, and the PR team were really friendly and explained everything very well :) Below are a few pics From the day, Enjoy :)

Loving the Brow palettes and the Eyeshadow Quads! Thinking of getting my hands on some of these!! What do you think? Loving the collection?



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  2. The collection looks great! Going to keep my eye for them!

    P.S The models make up they did looks fab x

  3. ^^ i agree with you i also love the eyeshadow so pretty and it looks soo prettty..


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