♥Superdrug on Ice ♥

Recently I went to the superdrug on ice event which took place in the tower of London ice rink. It was a nice environment with a few bloggers. I spent most of the evening chatting away with Hayley, a.k.a London Beauty Queen. She's so nice in real life (Well even on Twitter :P)! It's very daunting when you meet someone for the first time, but I felt so relaxed with her while were holding the wall and skating :) (Sounds Like a first date :| lol) oh I also met DoYouNoah a.k.a Noah (see what she did there with her name) , who is also a beauty blogger! She's really nice too, but didn't get her skates on!! Tut tut lol! 
Here's a few pics of their Christmas range, and the ice rink... 

*Picture heavy!!* 

I Look So Horrible! 

Click Below To See More Pictures Of their Christmas Range!

I am definitely going to be getting some of these sets and Studio Books! They look great, and I didnt swatch them, But I know the quality is Great, because I already own the Smokey eye Studio Book. I particullarly liked the Bronzing one, but the lash Stash was my favourite and I will deffo be getting one of these priced at £14.99! They are all Available to Purchase through the Superdrug Website, and would make great Christmas Presents, or Even treats for OnesSelf :)

What do you think of the Range? Do you see anything you fancy? 



  1. Ice Skating is so tough!! I could never do it again lol!

    Loving the winter goodies! xxx

  2. Ooo you got some lovely products!
    Ice skating is hard... I'm always on my face when I go :)


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