♥ The Sophie Lancaster Foundation ♥

Im sure you have all heard Of Sophie Lancaster before, and if Not you can fins out all the information about her on this Amazing website, Or on the dedicated Facebook Page.
Very Briefly Sophie Lancaster was Murdered in 2007 along with her partner For being who she was and dressing in her own Unique way. Its disturbing to think that someone would kill Just because they didn't like how another person Dressed.

On the 26th Of this month it would have been Sophie's 25th Birthday. In honor of Sophie's birthday and to show their support Illamasqua Are hosting an international giveaway, where you could Win some amazing pieces from their collection. The competition Will close on 27th November at 11.59GMT

You can enter the competition over on their Site: http://www.illamasqua.com/sophiecompetition/

I would Just like to say that Im so proud of Illamasqua, and I think they are doing such a wonderful job by showing so Much support to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. 

Alternitavly You can donate As much or as Little as you want to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation Donation Page. 



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