♥ Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver ♥

Im sure you have seen Bucket Loads of these posts recently but Whats one more eh... I suppose each post is different because you get to see how different peoples hair turns out!

Well I must start off by saying I absolutely Love this tool and Im so happy it came into my life... Recently I have been hating my usual long, straight, flat hair and have been wanting to style it differently! 
*Call In The Amplifying Jumbo Waver*

Check Out that Hair! Personally I think it looks natural and very well maintained! I did my hair like this four days in a Row! That's dedication! Before I had tried it I heard a lot of people saying that It looks better After you have slept on it, and I can in fact confirm this is true :D

Whenever I have a spare 5 Minutes I will always do my hair like this! It doesn't take Long at all, as the barrels are quite wide you can do quite large sections at a time. 

One down point to the waver is that it is quite heavy, So by the time I have finished doing my whole head my hands want to drop off... But i suppose it is worth it with the end result being as such! 

The packaging has to be the best thing about it! Its a very sophisticated look in my opinion and just screams Class! It has a Violet Metallic-ish finish to it and it smooth to the touch! 

It also Comes with a heatproof Pouch Which you can store it in after you have finished using it, and as it is heatproof you can stay reassured that it wont fall onto the floor and burn all your carpet (Like some other Tools have!). Oh and it has a little pocket in the back where you can Tuck the wire in, So you wont trip over! Enrapture have really thought it all through haven't they!  

Some technicalities if your interested.. It has a Dial with different heat settings so its suitable for all different hair Types, and it has a clip to hold the two plates together!

The cord is the perfect length in my opinion as it stretches the whole length of my room so I can comfortably sit in front of my wardrobe mirror and do my hair without fear of the plug coming out. I dont know if its Long enough from a hairdressers perspective but I assume it will be because salons have plug holes all over the place dont they?

Oh and Price... This tool Retails at £75 which a lot of people might think is a lot, but I think its quite a good Price... You would pay a lot more for your GHD's So why not pay Less for this?

Have any of you guys used this before, and If so how did you get on? Would you like to see any hair looks with it?

(Bad Skin Day Please Excuse me)



  1. i so want one!! your hair came out great! you look beautiful

  2. hair looks beauty hunny!! i want one now lol xxx

  3. Your hair looks lovely like a mermaids! x

  4. Wow, the results are great - looking gorgeous! x

  5. Wow I didn't even know these things existed! Love it, and love the blog xxx


  6. Your hair is SOOOO long! Jealous! :)
    It really looks pretty!

  7. Haven't tried it but the results look fab-really natural!

  8. Hey darling, discovered your blog through #bblogger chat today. Your hair looks great & you're so beautiful! I have a hair waver but it's old now, I want the one you have!

  9. Your hair looks super cute!! I bought one of these three barrel wavers last year. Mine's from Hot Tools. I can tell the one you have is a lot better just by looking at it. You're right though, its super easy to do, a lot easier than using a curling iron. I like the natural wave it gives you. It always looked better the 2nd day on me too.
    Nice blog :) I'm following


  10. your hair looks lovely like this, kinda like mermaid waves.
    PS. bad skin?! you look beautiful!


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