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Hidden Diamond is a Facebook shop Which I am really liking at the moment. I was contacted by the owner of the shop, Tas asking me whether there was anything I would like from her shop. I jumped at the chance, because as I was browsing her shop I saw these beautiful shamballa Bracelets.

Im sure you have seen so many of these bracelets everywhere. Every where I go people are wearing them and I really wanted one! But the only down point was the price! Even on ebay they're like £30! I have tried looking everywhere and I just though there's no way Im spending £30 on a bracelet that is just a craze and will "go out of fashion" soon. So you can imagine my Joy when Tas asked me If i wanted one.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that She sells hers at £15 !! yes you heard it right! Fifteen pounds! Thats like half price compared to every other place I have seen! I am seriously considering getting some more! 

It came Packaged really nicely with its own little box. Its really handy to store the bracelet as it wont get scratched and none of the stones will fall out.

I love how shiny it is! its one of those pieces you can wear with anything and everything, without having to think about it!

The back has an adjustable tie, which obviously you can adjust to fit your wrist. It can become quite big, and also quite small so i'm sure it will fit everyone!

I have been wearing Mine everyday Since I got it, and Im sure you will to :D
Who knows maybe you will see these in an OOTD soon ;) 

You can Buy these shamballas From here: http://www.facebook.com/hiddendiamond
Just leave a comment under the Picture, as to which you would like to buy!

What are your opinions on this type of jewellery? I also have my eyes on a Primark one, which Im sure you have all seen. You can see the Pink version on Jessicas Blog here



  1. i love this, and I'm not big into accessories but this is nice ;-)

  2. That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, I cannot believe it is only £15 it looks so much more expensive. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. That is a gorgeous piece, i love sparkles! x

  4. Gorgeous bracelet! And nice that it can fit small wrists as well.
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    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. they have made you a great gift love this bracalet
    come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
    The Dolls Factory

  6. WOW That's so pretty!
    I love shamballas but have yet to find one that I can't live without!


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