♥ Darphin Body Scrub ♥

As You may know from a Previous Post  Darphain and me havent really got on so well in the past, But hey ho.... Im not one to hold grudges...!
I was on the search for a new body scrub as my trusty St Ives one has hit rock bottom! 
I am particularly fussy when it comes to body scrubs, and have been using the St Ives one for a good 2-3 years, but i finally thought it was time for a change.

The consistency of the scrub pleasantly surprised me as it was quite thick, Which i though I wouldn't like, but turns out I did. It had little bits in it, like an exfoliator should have lol but on top of that it had what I believe to be chunks of pomegranate. 

I like the packaging! Its nice and simple and the tube is somewhat pearlescent. In my opinion it has that High end product look to it. 

I mainly use this product on my feet as it is very moisturizing, and my feet get very dry at times. It leaves a Layer of moisture even after washing it off, now this may be the oil in the product.

One this I dislike about this is the Smell. I cant quite put my finger as to what it exactly smells like, but I Don't particularly enjoy it.  Aside from this its a pretty good product. 

This particular scrub Retails at £37 and can be bought here



  1. sounds like a great product, besides the smell at least ;-)


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