♥ Klorane + Avene Event ♥

Two/Three weeks back I attended a Blogger Breakfast where I was introduced to Some new hair Products From Klorane, and Some face/Body products From Avene. 

As you may or may not be able to see from the Pictures Above, Klorane have devised hair some new hair products; A different Flavor for each hair type! They use all natural ingredients in their hair products and After having a whiff at them I wanted to Drink them! They Smell Gorgeous and will for sure leave your hair Smelling Sweet All day!

They also Have their Own Dry shampoo Which I must Say I think is far better than batiste! Although I do Love batiste, So I dont think I will stop using it, but the Application on This dry shampoo is better. when spraying from this bottle the product that comes out is very thin and doesnt leave much residue, whereas Everyone knows the deal with batiste! It can aslo be used as a Light Holding Setting/Spray. 

In all Avene Products They use Avene Water from France (I think) and it is specially formulated to treat all types of sensitive skin. the products are designed in such way that they avoid any type of contamination. As you can see in the middle picture there are two valves on the cream. One is to let the cream out, and The other is to ensure the contaminated cream doesn't re enter the tube. they also Have a Sun care range, with all different SPF's In it, and After trying some on my hand I can infact say that it doesn't go all greasy and grey like most sun creams. 



  1. wow these product look great..i have see those type of dry shampoo something new..

  2. Ooo wonderful products, and lovely event :).


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