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Not too Long ago I attended Illamasqua's preview event for the New Theater of the Nameless Collection. It was held in a Bar in Soho, and As soon as I entered I  instantly felt Illamasquarised! The decor was amazing! We were in a Dark room with rays of lights hitting the products! I love how Illamaqua Over dramatify (if that is a word) their collections! whenever I see thier collections, I feel like Looking at an art exhibition.

Anyway, At entrance we were greeted with a Ticket, admitting us to a free Drink! :)

I love how it all fits in with the Theme/ Story! The story behind this collection Is the 1920's Berlin, and the Rebellious Night Life, of Anita Berber, and Actress of those days. 
That was the Best Picture I could take in that Lighting... Doesn't the makeup Look Amazing!

I think My Favorite part of the Evening was checking out the Nail Polishes! I think everyone that regularly reads my blog knows I love nail polishes, so You can imagine how excited I was when I saw these New Polishes! The Finish of these Polishes are a medium between a Glossy and a Matte Finish, So therefore resulting in a Rubber Finish! They Come in Four different Colours as Pictured Below, Oh and I will be Doing an NOTD on one of them Soon ;)

(Colours Modeled Here By the Lovely Camieee)

Again Sorry for the Crappy Photos But The Lighting didnt Allow me to take clear ones!

Don't the Eyelashes Look Amazing?! They would Flatter anybody's eyes! And Below is a Picture of Some of the New Pigments in the Collection! They are very Shimmery, and Scream out Night Sky In my opinion.

They have also released shimmery blushers for the First time! Personally I prefer matte Blushers, but these are super pigmented and I can see myself defiantly Getting at least 1.

And they were So sweet To leave us a Thank you Message As we left with an Official Illamasqua Was stamped Letter! How Official Lol!

So what do you all think of the Collection? Love it, or loathe it? I think one of the Must Haves from this Collection is the Pure Pigment In Beguile (The white Shimmer)!!



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