♥ EyeLure Preglued Lashes ♥

After having so much difficulty trying to apply false lashes I though Id try and Opt for the preglued option as it seemed like the foolproof plan! 
I couldn't have been more wrong... It may not be the fault of the Eyelashes, and It may possible be that I ripped it out of the Packing aggressively but the Pre Glued Strip Had separated from the lashes and I was left with a sticky thing and i pair of lashes in my hand!
I tried to stick the pre glued bit back on the lashes, but it wasn't having any of it! Maybe they just weren't Meant to be!

Although the plus point to this is that the strip lashes were super thin at the strip bit so it felt really light when I did eventually put it on with my own Glue... The actual lashes are really good quality and I have had a lot of wear out of them! They look Great On! (Dont have a Pic) Not too Voluminousness, but makes my lashes look Nice and Long!



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